Today in the city St. Johns 22.11.2017
Angela Merkel's government is at risk as coalition talks collapse in Germany

In late September, German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative Christian Democratic Union-Christian Social Union (CDU-CSU) party won a plurality of seats in Germany's parliament, but early Monday,...

Brands have no idea how to deal with being caught in a political firestorm

Coffeemaker wreckage, political pizza purchases, and erratic boycott calls flooded social media this week as major brands struggle to navigate the riptide of America’s culture wars. Controversie...

Examining Russian Disinformation

Thomas Rid of Johns Hopkins tells NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro about the history of Russian disinformation and how it's become more effective in the age of social media.

St. John's New Standard: Dressing The Leaders Of The Future!

With the recent introduction of The New Standard, women's knitwear brand, St. John, has maintained a fine balance between office-attire and leisure-wear to meet the expectations of contemporary top-ma...

Papa John's Is Now Attempting a Slow Crawl Toward the Right Side of History

The company apologized on Twitter for divisive comments about NFL player protests. But for many, it's too little, too late.

Papa John's would like you to know they think Nazis are bad

"Better ingredients, better pizza, and also Nazis – we do not like them."  Sure, that's a paraphrase, but Papa John's wants the world to know that the company doesn't approve of Adolf Hitle...

Papa John's sorry for attack on NFL protests after white supremacist praise

Pizza company’s CEO had said protests were hurting businessCompany ‘open to ideas from all. Except neo-nazis”Papa John’s has apologized for comments made by CEO John Schnatter blaming sluggish pizza s...

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